Sunday, August 01, 2004

Update: Bangkok's New Underground Train

I received a good response from the review of Bangkok's new underground train that I posted a few weeks ago.

A poster over at Lonely Planet's discussion board where I cross-posted the review had a good idea; try to think of a nickname for the new underground system al a London's "Tube".

If you have any ideas e-mail me at and I will post the best ones.

So far:

Banger's Burrow


The Thai Tunnel (the TTT)


Lightning Lotus

The Angel Express

Eventual Disaster (I'll meet you at Silom, I'm taking the Eventual Disaster)

Baa Train ("Crazy Train" with "baa" the Thai word for crazy)

Rote Fie Baa (also "Crazy Train" if spoken completely in Thai but could be bastardized into "Fiba" by foreigners and pronounced "feeba")