Sunday, July 11, 2004

Bangkok AIDS Conference

I saw the first indications of the Aids conference to be held in Bangkok starting today and lasting for the week.

A pair of yanks came into a 7-eleven where I was waiting in line to pay for a jug of chocolate milk. One was a lisping fairy and the other a black woman with dread-locks. Both were delegates to the conference as evidenced by the unwieldy, extra-large badges dangling from their necks with string.

"Hey maybe he knows, ask him..." the nasal, flat, annoying yank accent bored into my skull.

"What's the word for bathroom?" the black woman blurted in my face precluded by nothing and with none of the basic courtesy that a person would expect in that situation.

Speaking of yanks and AIDS, Bush has once again held his country up as a bunch of self-righteous, puritanical ignoramuses with the suggestion that the way to tackle one of the most severe health crises to face the world in decades

The sheer stupidity of the fuckin' fool bible-beaters who support this kind of thinking beggars belief. Our two thousand year-old fairy tale trumps basic physiological urges...just like our inherent sense of knowing what is best for everyone means that our nation dropping bombs on innocents and slaughtering tens of thousands in no way should drive others to want to lop our bloated, moronic heads off our shoulders.

Perhaps Cheney was simply getting in the spirit of discussing this asinine piece of nothingness that is supposed to be a policy when he told a Democrat to "go fuck yourself..." last week. Maybe he should have added "instead of anyone else..."