Tuesday, December 23, 2003

The Jewish Dilemma: Pork at Half-Price

The Jews as a people are smarter and more influential than any other group on the face of the earth. A relatively small minority in many countries in the world, they routinely dominate the politics, finances, sciences and arts to a disproportionate degree than their numbers would lead a person to expect.

Confident enough in their religious beliefs that they don't seek converts nor try to shove their beliefs down other people's throats, the Jewish communities throughout the world regularly produce individuals who are leaders in whichever field they choose. Hell, a Jew starts his own religion and a billion malleable saps get in line to worship him.

The tiny nation of Israel probably produces more wealth than any country of its size and also boasts one of the toughest armies in the world. "But wait a minute," the mantra-like argument goes, "they have the might of the US behind them, of course the other countries in the middle-east are no match for them." Exactly. Who wouldn't want the support of the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world? It is only a testament to the smarts of Israelis and Jews elsewhere that they have directed things toward a situation where that is the reality.

Many people feel that this results in a puppet-like government of the US, but in fact Israel succumbs much less to political pressure than most people think. Not only do they enjoy the financial backing of the US but routinely disregard the wishes of the White House and generally take the route they feel is most prudent for them as a nation.

Any talk about Jews being smarter and shrewder than others, surely leads the most moronic of individuals to point to the fact that they seemingly allowed themselves to be led to the slaughter in WWII. It doesn't matter how strong you are as a people, when you're outnumbered by almost insurmountable odds, there is only so much you can do. Because they are so strong, they inevitably have suffered persecution from a world that routinely takes out its frustration on minorities and is perplexed and frustrated by a stubborn and intractable minority like the Jews.

The years following WWII prove that Jews have certainly made the best of things. History from 1945 until now has so angered many people who enjoy their minorities weak and subservient, that it has created another mantra that is routinely spouted by those who enjoy having their thoughts prepackaged and prepared by other. The incredibly nonsensical but popular "you would think they had learned their lesson," in supposed reference to the situation that now exists in the middle-east highlighted against the events that occurred during the holocaust.

In fact Jews have learned their lesson, but not in the way that that comment implies. Listening to other people for thousands of years only got them killed. So now the Jews of Israel are taking the path that all other sanctimonious nations have taken whose histories are soaked in the blood of war and the struggle to survive and expand. To those who rail against what they see as the unfairness of the situation in Israel, get your own houses in order first. Pack your bags and walk into the fuckin' ocean if you are from the US, Canada or Australia, for you are living in a land stolen from Natives and have exacted a far greater toll on them than Israelis have on Palestinians. Although debatable, at least the Jews of Israel have a claim on the land that is Israel dating back thousands of years, while those who live in countries stolen from Natives have no claim whatsoever.

I don't propose that Jews are qualitatively different or better than other people are. The only reason that I can point to for their seemingly superior thinking, reasoning skills, success in business and overall accomplishments in life, is the religion of Judaism. While my knowledge of Judaism is superficial, I do know that an underlying theme of all its teachings is the power of knowledge and the importance of learning. Any Jewish youth who undergoes the rigours of a Talmudic education will have a brain that is programmed to successfully guide him through life. Like all societies or groups of people, even those who are born Jewish but are not strict adherents of the faith cannot help but to be influenced and shaped by the positive (and negative) aspects of that religion.

The title of this thread is an acknowledgment of the practical and survival skills that have helped Jews survive for so long in a world that has tried to destroy them. The Romans relegated Jews to being money counters; something that was considered a dirty and worthless occupation at the time. Jews obviously became skillful regarding business and all matters concerning money and turned this into an advantage. Their actions are what most people hold up as the way to succeed in life, but somehow the same tactics that are hailed as being shrewd when used by a gentile are seen as contemptible when a Jew demonstrates the same behaviour.

There is still time to join up. While Jews don't seek new members, it is not hard to find a rabbi who will help you to convert. However, perhaps in an effort to keep the riffraff out, there is a requirement that you will have to be circumcised and even if you already had your dick sliced at birth a symbolic cut is still necessary.

This is an appropriate time of the year to pay tribute to the Jews of the world, as a good portion of the rest of the planet are ready to celebrate the birth of the most famous Jew who ever lived. La Chaim!!