Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Apes and Chickens

Comments from expats on the actions of politicians in countries where they are guests can come across as especially condescending and hypocritical in light of the lying and duplicity by western governments over the years. Still, when you're in the midst of it...

The head-up-the-ass mentality here that does everything to avoid losing face and in the process worsens things to a point of lost lives and catastrophic fuck-ups never ceases to amaze me.

A number of months ago, the brainless cunts in the government department responsible for food safety failed to sound the alarm bell over an outbreak of avian influenza (bird flu), opting instead to try and cover it up. As a result a number of people died, the chicken farming industry in Thailand was gutted (4th largest in the world at that time), the Thai government was again held up as a bunch of lying, amateur morons for the whole world to see and Thais themselves were aroused to the rarely seen point of being angry at PM Thaksin. There were the usual mea culpas with the assurance that a lesson had been learned.

Here we are a few months later and the incomprehensibly SHTOOPID, lying, incapable of ever learning anything that will result in a smoother operation of things, biggest and most BRAINLESS , FUCKIN' CUNTS ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH have pulled the EXACT same stunt again!! A cover-up of a second outbreak...JAYSUS, JAYSUS...take these cunts to a public square, tie them up lying face-up on the ground with their mouths pried open and let all those who are rightfully enraged at this latest cock-up stuff themselves full of food on the government dime and then line up and spray endless streams of shit into the mouths and on the faces of these fucking apes.

A special punishment should be reserved for the government official whose pathetic statement in response to the revelation this time around ranks as the most comical, asinine utterance by any fucking fool anywhere at anytime. When asked about the second cover-up within a few months, coming on the heels of the begging and pleading for forgiveness last time, this clown said: "We didn't think the people would be interested..."