Thursday, August 19, 2004

The Olympics Brings out the Best in People...

Today the newspapers in Thailand are full of stories about the Deputy Prime Minister and a singular act of stupidity and arrogance. What did he do?

Why, he braced the Thai woman who won a gold medal in weight-lifting at the Olympics and promptly demanded that she hand over the medal so that he could return to Thailand with it and…this is where the incomprehensibility starts ramming its head against the brick wall of mind-numbing fucking insanity...apparently take credit for her win(?), absorb the love, praise and well-wishes from all those he assumed would be amazed at his stunning shrewdness in making such a head-up-the-ass move? WTF? Just WTF? WTF? WTF? over and over to infinity.

One can only imagine the phone conversation he had with the Thai PM after securing the medal...

Deputy Prime Minister: "I got it! She was a bit reluctant at first but what could she do…she handed it over tee hee hee!"

Prime Minister: "Superb! Excellent! This will play so well in the media! Her, a poor peasant girl who struggled and worked hard to achieve her dream, becoming the first Thai woman to ever win a gold medal at the Olympics, and us the corrupt lying scum that sweep in and demand that we be the ones to return home with the actual medal. Sure, she may have enjoyed keeping it with her in the hours and days after having been awarded the medal, felt the pride at returning home with it around her neck, the very symbol of all her hard work and dedication...but I just know the Thai people and the world for that matter will understand what a necessary move this was.

I'm sure this will make them forget the corruption, the thousands butchered in the drug war last year, people who oppose us turning up dead all the time, the brazen lies, the fact that my son got caught cheating at university and then the timid dismissive claims by officials that it didn't matter, my daughter who was accepted into the best university in the land with substandard grades, an associate of mine whose son put a bullet in a cop's head with dozens of witnesses and then walked free...THIS, THIS masterstroke of PR genius will sweep it all away!!!"

PM: "Tee hee hee!! Oh I'm so excited! I'm happy that you're pleased boss!"

PM: "Say, are you still capable of that I-just-got-caught-eating-gopher-shit grin?"

DMP: "Sure!"

PM: "Good, just make sure you have it smeared across your mug when the cameras start clicking, and make sure you hold up the medal as if it was you and your diseased, emaciated, lesioned carcass that earned it..."

What's most laughable is the desperate lies that are vomited forth when the fool gets called on his unbelievable arrogance and stupidity. The tit claims he urgently needed to get the medal back to Thailand where he could have a solid gold replica made for her.