Thursday, August 26, 2004

Loads of New Shit

Since Google acquired Blogger this past year there has been some anticipation as to what changes they might implement.

Just in the past month or so there have been some great new additions. No more ads for one thing. Also, as you have probably already noticed there is new navigation bar at the top. If you are looking for a particular nugget of shit and don't want to wade through the horsehit that I have spewed here to find it, you can now use the search feature to look solely within this blog. This is also useful for someone who may have shown up here via a search engine and has not arrived at the particular post that contained what they were looking for.

Alternatively, the miasma emanating from this colossal, steaming pile of feces may be so thoroughly repulsive to you that you require a quick exit. In which case the "Next Blog" button allows you to surf an endless river of similarly shitty blogs.

If you feel that you want to contaminate someone else's mind with this shit, simply click on the small envelope icon at the bottom of every entry, allowing you to e-mail the link for that particular post to your loved ones and enemies.