Friday, May 27, 2005

Thai Cop Gets Life for Double Murder

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The verdict is in for Somchai Visetsingha, the Thai policeman who murdered Vanessa Arscott and Adam Lloyd, and the sentence is life in prison.

The two Brits, pictured above, were vacationing in Kanchanaburi, Thailand in September last year when a late night argument with Somchai started in the copper's restaurant.

While what initially sparked the row is still hazy, it is clear that Somchai repeatedly shot Lloyd then mowed down Arscott in his car, dragging her 200 metres before getting out and shooting her execution style as she miraculously tried to crawl away.

Unfortunately, one only has to look at the underlying "logic" that instructed the judge regarding sentencing to determine that the punishment is essentially meaningless.

According to the judge, the only thing that prevented a death sentence was the fact that the accused confessed to the crime shortly after being arrested. Arrested after being on the lam for a month. Anyone who followed the trial will also note that the murderous pig retracted his confession and based his laughable non-defense around claiming a fictitious person committed the crime.

Someone that no one has ever seen or heard of. Actually, it would be hard for anyone to have heard of him, as the brainless cunt making the claim cannot even provide a full name, despite stating that he has known him for years.

Let's clarify, as is often necessary when trying to get your head around complete and utter horseshit glibly spewed in a nation guided by pure, undiluted, mind-numbing, head-up-the-ass insanity:

The murderer was spared the death penalty because he confessed to the crime despite having subsequently retracted his confession and then basing his entire defense around a lie that a retarded 3 year-old would have trouble spinning without being laughed at.

All is not lost for the murdering piece of filth. He quite possibly may appeal the verdict.

The option for appeal seems to be open for one reason...because he retracted his confession. Had he stuck to that confession, the one which allowed him to escape the death penalty, presumably any appeals would have been impossible.

It is for these reasons that I state the sentence appears meaningless. Will he actually spend some time in prison? Probably, as even the Thai public are a notch above lobotomized cattle in terms of gullibility and attention span. Just barely though.

The length of time served will be commensurate to how long the international press can keep this percolating on the backburner. If they are ready to ratchet up pressure as soon as some unctuous and gutlessly rationalized piece of nothingness is offered up as to why the sack of shit is being released early, there may be hope.

Even in the face of that, a short period of time served may be the final eventuality in this case.

That the reputation of Thailand has at least taken another deserved hit is undoubted.