Thursday, May 12, 2005

Shit Wars: A Generation-Long Monumental Farce

An article that perfectly sums up my feelings regarding the over-hyped load of shit known as the Star Wars movies.

Thankfully I haven't partaken in watching these films since the first trilogy ended twenty or so years ago and I have no intention of doing so with this latest installment.

What an amazing phenomenon that has produced so many fawning aficionados and so many billions of dollars in profits all from such a mediocre body of work. I have a strong suspicion that even if I were to look back at the original, which of all of them has at least some merit, I would realize how average even that supposed classic was.

George Lucas has duped subsequent generations of gullible, non-questioning fucks who shell out for his latest Hollywood hype job because it's the thing to do. Even if people have a strong forewarning that what they are going to see is substandard crap they willingly go along for the ride.

I try to follow a strict code regarding movies I pay for, whether they're at the theatre or on DVD. If I haven't built up a sense that there's some entertainment value to be gained, usually through the word of reviewers or friends I trust, I simply won't waste the time.

The ongoing absurdity with the Star Wars franchise is perplexing simply because, as the writer of the article points out, save for the first movie, they have seen a sure and quick descent into utter shite. Yet these clowns suffering from arrested development go through this asinine charade every time a new serving of crap is dished up by the bearded, over-rated oaf Lucas.

It's the clinging to the spectacle aspect combined with being part of "something" and the romanticizing of the whole movie-going experience that drives these individuals. They keep the cachet alive of being part of a rabid core of super fans, through camp-outs to buy tickets, multiple viewings and obsessive collecting.

The "I don't get it aspect," that is always part of such movements as characterized by outsiders who scratch their heads at the excessive wackos, is guaranteed because of the uninspiring crap that is at the heart of their obsession.

Despite that, the myth of quality must be at least perpetuated to a degree by these clowns as each subsequent movie is watched by many millions. I'm hoping that this time people wise up and by their disinterest help turn this last load of tripe into the colossal flop it deserves to be.