Saturday, January 29, 2005

Bangkok Subway Not Ready to Re-Open

The recent subway crash in Bangkok and the subsequent fallout is a perfect example of current PM Thaksin's modus operandi regarding any issue that requires government input, guidance or at least comments that reflect some understanding of the problem. Hours after the crash, Thaksin insisted that it was because of "one incompetent driver." Strange how that one driver has caused the system to be shut down for a full 2 weeks with things set to re-open on February 1st.

Following the accident, those in charge of the new underground may as well have taken out full-page ads in the local newspapers, declaring


Instead they have engaged in a series of farcical tests on the system, ostensibly to instill confidence in the public. This article in the Nation this morning clearly demonstrates that any person with a modicum of common sense and the self-preservation instinct will steer clear of these damn fools once the death trap re-opens.

The hint of sheepish collusion or simply embarrassment that they call these clods their fellow countrymen seems to have resulted in a slightly understated headline to this article. "Drill misses Target by 4 Minutes" seems a bit innocuous while suggesting some slight falling short of some sort of target. Inherent in the tone of the article is the collective gulping of those two-bit incompetent hacks sensing that they may just have to brace someone in charge and ask some tough questions. Or maybe not.

Further reading indicates that the drills were simulated emergency responses to a fire and the 4 minutes represents 80% over the accepted maximum time limit.

This alone indicates the system is not ready to re-open...full fucking stop.

One sentence within the article caught my eye. Never having worked as part of any type of emergency response unit, perhaps this is the correct way to proceed if a real fire were to happen on the subway system:

"All gates to the station were closed except one for allowing rescuers to enter."

Is slamming exits shut actually the logical way to proceed, assuming they were acting exactly as they would in a real fire? What about the cunts trapped underground? Wouldn't it make more sense to man those gates to prevent any people entering but also giving stray passengers an opportunity to escape? As opposed to providing a dead-end where fleeing apes can curl up in a ball and suck in the smoke that also has nowhere to go?

Coming so close to the February 6 vote, Thaksin will have no choice but to play his usual game of repeatedly insisting something to be true together with the steadfast declaration of some absurd time line. This is "the emperor has no clothes" mentality taken to bizarre levels, able to reduce any onlooker to a gibbering and incredulous fool.

Thaksin could cake his face with human shit and brazenly walk into a room full of reporters and unctuously claim that he is the epitome of sweet-smelling, infallible excellence. If someone dared to question him, he would screw his face up in a look of disdainful and petulant annoyance, the dried shit would crack, he would lick his lips and declare that no one correctly understood the problem and people were out to get him.

Fully unaware of the role that media should play in a democracy, Thaksin sees any legitimate questioning of his actions or words as being equivalent to an uppity employee daring to move beyond fawning sycophancy.

Let's see if anyone in the mainstream media will call the fool on this one.