Saturday, January 08, 2005

Balcony Time

Watching someone you know from a distance while they are unaware can be interesting. They may adopt certain "while-alone" mannerisms that are absent when in the company of others. It's an odd voyeuristic sensation and you can almost imagine yourself as you must appear when next to the individual.

Some people seem slightly at odds without a constant sidekick to validate their existence while other cunts thrive as lone...cunts.

There are many experiences that are part of the vast catalogue of deviancies and otherwise pedestrian activities that confirm the interest humans have in the lives of each other. One such enjoyable respite at the end of a long day is kicking back and observing the anonymous fools in the building opposite from you with a set of high-powered binoculars.

Back in my home country, I was housed in a vast complex of chicken coops where every po-faced cunt went to and from their own cramped hole with nary a smile or nod of acknowledgement to their fellow fuck-ups. A series of buildings faced each other at various angles but were far enough away that brazen surveillance attracted little or no attention.

Together with the realization that most people likely pay no heed to the possibility that someone could be watching them as evidenced by open curtains, windows etc., the other observation that registered strongest was the complete and utter banality of most cunts' lives (not too mention the fucker with nothing better to do than observe those stilted and dreary lives.)

While the obvious hope was to catch a balls-out fuck session, the main activity that I witnessed was mind-numbing repetitive behaviour. A surprising number of people pace about their small enclaves or engage in similar rote activity such as lurching up from their position in front of the glass tit, disappearing momentarily and then repeating a few minutes later.

End-of-the-day balcony time in Bangkok is an enjoyable contemplative few minutes alone with a few jars. There are no binoculars as the buildings are too close together to allow any covert observation, though you can still view the comings and goings of a few others who enjoy the same peaceful time alone. Though there is a fair amount of traffic on the soi below, it rarely breaks the peace because of the habit most Thais have of engaging in reckless driving without ever mashing the horn.

Everything becomes enveloped in a kind of slow-motion haze. Such abstractions as laws, manipulative horseshit perpetrated by others and all manner of pointless emotions disappear. It's especially therapeutic if undertaken just as the quality of light is staring to change. From the flat light of late afternoon to dusk and then suddenly the different world of Bangkok at night is upon you.