Thursday, December 09, 2004

The Truth is Illegal

Almost to a person, expats talk about the strangeness of Thailand being a factor that makes it appealing to live here. The situation in the south has ratcheted up in the past few weeks to such a degree of insanity that things have moved beyond the standard Twilight Zone comparison and brought home just how ingrained an historical government structure remains despite claims of democracy. The result is a certain ham-fisted, brutal, blundering reality, replete with absurd denials and murderous rage directed at those who point out the continuing fuck-ups.

Fascist clowns and apes gulping fistfuls of acid and wearing simpering grins, their faces caked in shit as they become perturbed that anyone dares to mention the stench emanating from their fecal stained mugs. Hammering skulls into pulp and then claiming it never happened the way eyewitnesses claim, despite the availability of images that clearly show those who were present are telling the truth.

"Wha shud we do, wha shud we do my fellow simians? We're killing people and shrugging our shoulders. There's a group of criminals lobbing bombs on a daily basis but we can't put a stop to it, so let's vent our frustration and break some heads and kill some people at a demonstration.

Now we've got to deal with the fallout. The top pathologist in the land wants to help...get her da fuck outta here!

And to show the people what intelligent bags a shit us cunts at the top are we'll get down to some real to stop this unrest in the south...what should we do? Thas it! Let's get every damn fool across the land to make paper fuckin' birds and then we'll dump 80 million of the fuckers from airplanes onto the southern provinces!

But the truth, the truth, waddawe do about that? We don't want no truth being uncovered! Let's just outlaw da fuckin' truth!!"

If it takes generations to change the mindset of a nation and those who are in charge, backsliding isn't fraught with the same time-related difficulties. It's interesting listening to those who respond to the people who are accurately describing the shadow of fascism that is darkening wackoland USA. They mock those who make the claims without even knowing what fascism is, nor understand that any theoretical description of any form of government rarely occurs in its purest form. But they seem to be relying on their Hollywood mind's eye to tell them that appropriately disastrous scenes aren't playing out before them so nothing really bad can be happening. That's the worst part...things pretty much carry on as before, until your face is the one that's being stomped on.